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Why Purelac?

Our purpose is to deliver a unique goodness found only in the fresh clean green meadows of New Zealand.

All our products are made with the best natural goodness so you can feel confident knowing your baby is getting all the nourishment they need with each feed.

The importance of building a foundation of healthy nutrition for your baby is your priority and our promise.

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We believe our formula milk has to be the best in New Zealand and our continual aim for excellence means that everything we do here is carefully monitored. Our formulas are made using 100% New Zealand ingredients and made in a facility that is certified to meet strict world class safety standards.

The PURELAC GOLD™ range of products are scientifically advanced formulas uniquely designed to deliver specific nutritional recommendations for infants. They are fortified with 100% of the recommended amounts of key nutrients that have a recognised function in supporting specific aspects of growth and development. Our scientific approach to balancing key high-quality nutrients and the appropriate quantity of each nutrient is aimed to support a child's mental, physical and visual development at specific stages in those formative years.

Our milk products are sourced right here from New Zealand farmers. We believe in goodness from the ground up and strive to capture all the nutrition found from our soils into our formulas.

At PURELAC™, we rely on our customers to inspire our on going developments in producing high quality nutritional formula milk. Focusing on their needs has led us to develop our range of formulas that meet the nutritional needs of children from birth onwards. We strive for quality, accomplishment and we are committed to the ongoing developmental health of infants - a promise we make to all parents.

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