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OPO - Oleic and Palmitic Fatty Acid Structure

OPO is a triglyceride fatty composition found in mother's milk and also the unique structure of InFat™which mimics that of human milk, enabling optimised uptake of calcium and energy for ease of digestion. Infants fed with an OPO additive also benefit from significantly higher whole body bone mass than that of infants fed on standard formulas. The significance of this fatty acid is that it is conserved in all women regardless of race or nutrition.

The superior absorption of human milk over standard infant formula has been demonstrated in both human and animal models. These studies showed that Palmitic acid is absorbed from human milk as a monoacylglycerol and conserved as such through digestion. Standard Infant formula was shown to be poorly absorbed and secreted into faeces as insoluble calcium soaps. Calcium soaps found in the gut could be associated with the considerable difference of bowel habit and stool consistency between human milk and formula-fed infants. InFat™ have designed and developed a unique enzymatic process based on a vegetable oil that resembles the unique structure of fat found in mother’s milk. This structure has been transformed to enable a better fat and calcium absorption.

"The optimal nutrition for the newborn baby is the mother’s milk. It is designed to meet the needs of the growing infant. Sometimes the mother cannot, or chooses not to, breast feed her baby. In those cases it is important to find an alternative source of nutrition for the infant that also well covers its needs. The ultimate goal for infant milk formula producers is to present a product as similar as possible to breast milk."

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