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Glenn Alexander Managing Director
Glenn Alexander was raised in Hamilton in the heart of the Waikato, the birth place of one of New Zealand’s largest dairy producer. Dairy farming runs through the veins of Glenn’s family which means, naturally, he has spent many hours helping out on dairy farms as a boy. Glenn attended Waikato University studying Chemistry then Process and Chemical engineering in Auckland. During this time he worked in the dairy Industry in Hamilton and Tauranga. Glenn has worked for many leading New Zealand companies primarily involved with supplying Agriculture Industry or Processing agricultural products including Ceramco, Donaghys Industries, Alliance Textiles and is now the New Zealand principal and founder of Nutrition and Healthcare NZ Ltd.

William Zhang Co Founder and Business Analyst
William Zhang’s Home region is Anhui Provence in China. William came to New Zealand as a teenager and lived in Rural Mckenzie country region before attending Otago University in Dunedin where he completed a Bachelor of Business Science and post graduate Diploma in Business Management. During this time William and his Family became friends and co business partners in forming NHNZ.

Rebecca Alexander Nutritional Expert
Rebecca has played an invaluable role in assisting with the nutritional developmemt of the Purelac brand. She has a Bachelors degree in Food Science and Marketing and has a wealth of commercial experience.

Nicky Lester Marketing and Business Coordinator
Nicky attended the University of Otago where she completed a degree in Marketing. Her subsequent 10 years of marketing experience has been a huge asset to the team in creating the perfect launch pad within the initial stages of the Purelac brand. Nicky has brought both practical marketing skills as well as an invaluable gift of experience as a successful Mother to two beautiful baby girls.

Nicole O’Neill Senior Designer - Branding and Packaging

Nicole has worked in the design industry for over 15 years both here and in London where she commenced her career in 1998. Subsequent international employment enabled her to adapt her approach to design and as a result she has developed a stunning portfolio of work. Nicole’s dedicaiton and passion to produce a strong brand identity for Purelac has been a huge asset.
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