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 STAGE 1 - BIRTH from 0-6 months

When it comes to supporting growth and development of your baby, the right start means everything. PURELAC™ N-51 Gold Plus New Born formula builds a foundation of healthy nutrition for your baby so you can feel confident knowing your baby is getting all the nourishment they need. Our Stage 1 Formula is made with 100% New Zealand milk and whey solids. It also includes a unique OPO additive designed to promote easy digestion, improve energy, and enhances the absorption of calcium, ensuring your baby always gets the nutrition they need with each feed.

STAGE 2 - FOLLOW ON from 6-12 months

PURELAC™ N-51 Gold Plus Stage 2 is a perfect follow-on formula milk. Nutrients such as calcium; iron and magnesium are more important than ever for your baby's developing blood cells and to help your baby to build strong, healthy bones and teeth.

PURELAC™ N-51 Gold Plus unique combination of nutritional ingredients has been specially designed to complement the expanding diet of infant babies during this growth and development period. OPO promotes easy digestion, improves energy, and enhances the absorption of calcium.

STAGE 3 - TODDLER from 1 year

Stage 3 Formula provides the nutrition your older, growing baby needs for a healthy lifestyle. At this stage your Toddler’s diet is full of healthy nutrition. This formula is designed to supplement their diet and provide an adequate amount of energy and nutritional needs.

PURELAC™ N-51 Gold Plus has been scientifically developed with an OPO additive. This combined with a key source of other nutrients will support the growth and development of your baby. It promotes easy digestion, improves energy, and enhances the absorption of calcium.

All PURELAC formulas are fortified with:

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